Tuesday, September 12, 2017

the Randelles - PEACHFUZZ ep

Written & performed by Jordon Hossack & Craig "Stoneroad" Stensrud
Engineered by Craig Stensrud
Mixed by Craig Stensrud & Jordon Hossack
Mastered by Craig Stensrud
Cover photo by Jordon Hossack
Gabriel Santos plays drums on "Leather PiƱata
James Szuszkiewicz plays drums on "Louella"
Gemma Goletski plays drums & Madison Mayhew plays organ on "Cat Praise"


Friday, September 1, 2017

Ram Hoss - HARD CANDY (Suite 16)


Born In Vietnam (Breakermaker)
Whiskey Finger
Mystic Pizza (9th Gate)
Make Lov
Hard Candy
Ice Cream (Gumballa)
In The Eye
The Centaur (Buck 65 Cover)
Cool World
Strange A$$ (Weird Jello)
Argent Orange
Cereal Killa
Hallelujah Rock N' Roll

All songs written, performed, recorded & mastered by Hoss
James Andrew plays drums on "Ice Cream" & "The Centaur"
Eric Hella Naughty plays the suitcase on "$trange A$$"
Feven Banyard plays drums on "Argent Orange"
Jordan Heaney plays lead guitar on "Ice Cream"